Korean Journal of Stroke 2012 ; 14 (2) : p.57~61
Stroke Update 2011: Stroke Rehabilitation
(뇌졸중 최신지견 2011: 뇌졸중 재활치료)
저자 민유선,백남종
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This article briefly reviews the research findings on post-stroke rehabilitative therapy mainly published in 2011. Topics on approaches for motor function recovery include the use of body-weight-supported treadmill, robotic training, virtual reality, functional electrical stimulation, intensive treatment and motor imagery. Rehabilitative strategies to improve functional recovery such as comprehensive cardiac rehabilitation, repetitive transcranial magnetic stimulation and transcranial direct current stimulation. Also, pharmacotherapy using noradrenaline agonist reboxetine and botulinum toxin injection are discussed in this review. (Korean J Stroke 2012;14:57-61)

KEY WORDS: Stroke, Rehabilitation, Function