Korean Journal of Stroke 2012 ; 14 (1) : p.6~11
Stroke-Related Infl ammation and Infection
(뇌졸중과 관련된 염증 및 감염)
저자 박태환,.
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Infl ammatory and infectious conditions can involve the cerebral vasculature and cause stroke. Vasculitis involving central nervous system (CNS) is a heterogeneous entity of disorders characterized by infl ammation and necrosis of blood vessel walls.
It can be caused by noninfectious and infectious diseases. Noninfectious cause includes primary angiitis of CNS, giant cell
arteritis, Takayasu’s disease and Behcet’s disease. Hepatitis C, human immunodefi ciency and varicella-zoster viruses as well as bacterial and fungal organisms have been reported to be associated with infectious vasculitis. Infl ammatory biomarkers and infectious index are in a portion regarded as risk factors of stroke. However, there is still controversy and further prospective evaluation should be performed. In the current article, the author concisely reviewed contemporary studies about infl ammatory and infectious conditions associated with stroke. (Korean J Stroke 2012;14:6-11)

KEY WORDS: Infl ammation, Vasculitis, Stroke