Korean Journal of Stroke 2012 ; 14 (1) : p.49~51
Multiple Cerebral Infarctions after Intravenous Vitamin K Injection in a Patient with Trauma
(외상환자에서 비타민 K의 정맥주사 후 발생한 다발성 뇌경색)
저자 이세훈,김지연·신혜은·강규식·이정주·권오현·김병건·박종무
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Vitamin K, a cofactor of coagulation cascade, is used for hemostasis in patients with abnormal coagulation status. However, it is uncertain whether administration of vitamin K elevates the risk of thrombotic events. We present a patient with trauma who developed acute multiple cerebral infarctions after receiving intravenous vitamin K for several days. We presume that vitamin K can be a contributing factor for embolism in a patient with trauma. (Korean J Stroke 2012;14:49-51)

KEY WORDS: Trauma, Surgery, Vitamin K, Cerebral infarction