Korean Journal of Stroke 2011 ; 13 (2) : p.63~65
Stroke Update: Optimal Blood Pressure Management for Stroke Prevention
(Stroke Update: 뇌졸중 예방을 위한 적절한 혈압 조절)
저자 박종무
논문 종류 Review Articles 전문 보기 003-11-19(종설-박종무)63-65.pdf

Hypertension is the most important risk factor for stroke. Blood pressure control results in signifi cant reduction in most cardiovascular events, especially stroke. Several recent studies investigated the effects of tight blood pressure control on the development of cardiovascular events including stroke. On the other hand, besides mean blood pressure, which is the conventional target for hypertension management, the importance of blood pressure variability has been issued recently. Optimal target of blood pressure level and blood pressure variability for stroke prevention will be discussed. (Korean J Stroke 2011;13:63-65)

KEY WORDS: Stroke, Hypertension, Risk factor