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      Korean Journal of Stroke 2011 ; 13 (1) : p.11~15
Challenges and Pitfalls of Stroke Therapeutics Research
(뇌졸중 치료 연구의 한계점과 도전: 기초 및 중개 뇌졸중 연구 최신지견)
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Ischemia-reperfusion injury is complicated with multiple injury pathways. If a particular agent is used to restore blood flow and prevent cell death, many damaged neurons may come back to life. However, for stroke victims, there are no effective curative therapeutic approaches available other than thrombolytic treatment. The efficacy of neuroprotective agents are limited by low diffusion, narrow time window, strict dose titration, and lack of confidence at the preclinical level. NXY-059 reflects the fundamental limitation of neuroprotectant. There are recent attempts to overcome these limitations, with use of annexin A2, fingolimod, hydrogen, nitrite, and more. By covering two components, this report reviews what we have recently learned. In addition, it sheds light on some of the newer issues in clinical application. (Korean J Stroke 2011;13:11-15)

KEY WORDS: Stroke · Therapeutics · Research · Neuroprotectant.