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To the honorable members of Korean Stroke Society,

Korean Stroke Society (KSS) was founded in 1998 by the experts in various fields of the stroke under a vision, "Seeking a healthy life of the people by overcoming a stroke." Even though it has not been 20 years since founded, it has developed as a society representing the stroke field of Korea, based on members' excellent capability and dedicated effort of the former officers.

From early on, KSS has made great efforts for internationalization. It has continued solidarity with Asia and Northern Europe through the Korea-Nordic joint symposium and Korea-Japan stroke symposium. Besides, it holds International Conference Stroke Update (ICSU) every two years, in which many famous experts in the world participate. Symposiums this year will be more likely solid, for ICSU 2016 and the 8th International Conference on Intracranal Atherosclerosis are scheduled to be held in Korea. Journal of Stroke, the English academic journal published by our society, is registered in SCIE, so it became a journal specializing in the stroke, representing Asia beyond Korea.

To raise international awareness, the research power should also be developed. Our society will promise to help members' research by developing Korean Stroke Registry as the representative database of the country for stroke patients. We will do our best to raise each member's international awareness as well as our society's and to expand space for them to work globally.

KSS has continued to improve the quality of stroke treatment. Our stroke unit certification affair is carrying out the second-stage certification. We also have positively responded to many policies including stroke quality assessment of the Health Insurance Review and Assessment Service and stroke unit valence. KSS is the representative and responsible society in the stroke field; we will promise to make an effort to improve the quality of stroke treatment, positively cooperate with the nation's stroke-related policies and to make new agendas for policy.

The stroke requires various approaches such as prevention and rehabilitation treatment as well as the emergency endovascular treatment of the acute phase, and experts' role demanded according to the development and introduction of new technologies varies. Our society will make an effort to predict the changing environment of the future stroke treatment and to prepare for it. Besides, through continuous communication with the young generation and support, we will prepare the ground for the next generation stroke experts to strive for study and treatment in better environment.

My honorable members of Korean Stroke Society, I know well all these works cannot be fulfilled without your positive assistance and participation. I will positively communicate with you about many pending issues of the society. With chairman Chin-Sang Chung, who dedicated to the society for the past two years as the president of KSS and now starts new service as a chairman, I will try my best for another development of KSS.

Thank you.

Heo Ji-hoe,
President of
Korean Stroke Society